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Hairstyle With Retro Curls


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Creating a hairstyle with retro curls can give an amazing look and it is also worn by many celebrities. It is a vintage-inspired hairstyle that can be achieved by using few simple tools such as a curling iron, hairspray, hair clips and a normal hair brush. If you want get help from a friend while doing it for the first time. Try to wash the hair before beginning the styling process and use a styling gel to prevent damages while using the curling iron.
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Start the styling by dividing your hair on top of your crown till the ear on the side of your head. Now take the top section on the crown and put it in a curling iron to leave for about five seconds. Then release the hair and comb it as usual. Use a hair clip to keep the hair in place and take another part of the hair to wrap it around the iron in the same way. You must create at least three curled sections and mist the hair with a hairspray. Use the same technique all over the head and make sure to mist the hair to keep in place. Now take the pins used to secure the curls to make them fall loose on your shoulders. You can brush the curls to make them stretch as long as possible. Then divide the section at the back of the head and try to backcomb it with a normal hair brush.
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