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Treating A Fragile Hair


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A fragile hair can occur due to various reasons and the main reason is due to medical condition. You can also make few lifestyle changes to maintain the fragile hair in a proper way. Taking care of a fragile hair can be easy for most of the people, but some may feel it difficult. Here is a process that can be helpful while caring for the fragile hair.
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Avoid brushing the hair too much and mainly when it wet as you can cause damage very easily. If you want to brush the hair use a wide toothed comb. Try to wear your hair loose and avoid creating tight braids as they can cause hair breakage. Using blow dryers must be reduced as they are the main reason for the hair to become thin. Dry the hair naturally and do not use a curling iron or hair strengtheners as they have the same effect as the blow dryers. Do not use relaxers or hair colors to style the hair as they can cause permanent damage to your hair. Try to wash the hair with a shampoo that is suitable to your hair type and always condition it properly after the washing process to prevent flyaways. You can also change your diet after consulting a doctor to prevent fragile hair condition. Make sure that your diet contains lot of B vitamins and more proteins as they are helpful in keeping the hair healthy always.
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