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Adding Texture To Straight Hair


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A straight hair can be styled in different ways, but styling with additional texture can be difficult. There are many things that hairstylist can do to add texture in the hair which can be expensive as well. The textures can be created at the ends or roots of a straight hair with the help of hairstyling products with different effects. The most simple and easy to way to increase the texture in a straight hair is getting a layer haircut. Here is a simple method to add texture in your straight hair without using any special technique.
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To add texture to a straight hair, first use a hairstyling product to make the hair wet. You can apply hair pomade over the roots of the hair as they can add texture only to thin hair very easily and spread a little amount of hair gel over the roots if you have thick hair. Try to use a blow dryer to dry the hair and keep away from the place where you have used the hairstyling products. Then use a flat iron to make the hair smooth and mist all over the hair with a firm hold spray to keep the flyaways in place. You can also add highlights and lowlights in your hair which can help to enhance texture. Try to use hair gel when the hair it slightly wet which can add texture and also give a volumizing look to your hair.
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