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Hairstyle With Pro Highlights


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Adding highlights in your hair can help in different ways. It can make your hairstyle look different and improve the look of your face. Coloring the hair by going to a hairstylist can be expensive and it can also consume more time. Adding pro highlights in your hair can be done without going to a saloon by following these simple steps.
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Begin the coloring process by putting a cloth around your shoulders to avoid the color falling on your skin and dress. Next part the hair as usual and comb it on both the side of the head. Now put the highlighting cap on top the head and secure it in place. Take the hook to pull the small section from the hair through a hole in the highlighting cap. Do this all over the head and make sure that the amount of hair you are going to pull will be used for highlighting. Then mix the developer along with peroxide in a bowl. Start applying it over the hair on the highlighting cap starting from roots to end of the hair. Try to follow the instructions properly while mixing and applying the color on the hair. Leave the hair as per the time mentioned on the package and take the cap from the head and rinse the hair until the waters runs out clean. Use a shampoo to wash the hair and try to condition it in a proper way to achieve a shiny look.
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