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Spiky Blowout Hairstyle


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A spiky blowout is a hairstyle that can easily give an attractive look for those who have short hair. This hairstyle is considered to grab more attention in the crowd when compared to other beautiful hairstyles. In this hairstyle, the hair will be cut short which will be made to stand up straight using a blow dryer. There are many celebrities who like this hairstyle and wear it for special events. This style is usually worn by men, but now a days there are many women who want to have a unique looking hairstyle who select these type of styles. It is important to use the right styling tools as well as methods to achieve this look at home.
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To achieve this look, first cut your hair as per your desire and make sure it is short. Then use a shampoo to wash the hair as usual and brush it towards up starting from the root. Now use a blow dryer to point it upward while brushing the hair. Next add a small amount of spiking hair gel all over the hair from toot to end and try to pull the hair upward to get the spiky look. Continue to brush the hair in the same direction using a wide toothed comb and keep on using the blow dryer with low heat. Finally mist the hair using a heavy duty spray and set the look using the blow dryer with low setting.
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