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Changing Hair From Brunet to Red Color


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Hair color can be used to create some of the beautiful look that is not possible to achieve with a natural hair color. If you are planning to change your hair color from brunette to red make sure to use a proper technique as you may cause damage to the hair or even spoil your look completely. Before using the color on your hair get suggestions from a hairstylist as you don’t want to take any risk while using the hair colors.
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First get a good hair coloring product that is suitable to your hair and before using it on the hair get a deep conditioning treatment a few days before. Before using the conditioner on the hair try to wash it using a clarifying shampoo to make the hair straight. Then take a small strand of the hair to test it with the hair color to prevent any damage to the hair. Start applying the color throughout the hair by dividing into sections by following the directions on the package. After coloring the entire hair rinse it as usual with water and look through the hair. If you find any hair that has been not colored use the same coloring method to achieve the hair color. Touch up your hair at least once in 3-4 weeks as the color will start to fade at this time. Avoid washing the hair with chlorine water which is normally found in a swimming pool.
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