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Creating Curls Like Carrie Bradshaw


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Carrie Bradshaw has been seen with different hairstyles, but the most worn hairstyle is with curls. It is very easy to create curls like Carrie Bradshaw to get the same look as she does. There is no need to go to a hair stylist or follow any type of n to achieve these curls as they can be done at home. You can also use hair extensions to create thicker curls, but the best to achieve this look is styling it with the natural hair.
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First spread a little amount of cream on the hair if you have a thin hair to make it thick. Then use curling iron along with various sized barrels for adding texture in the hair. Take medium sized section of the hair to use it on the barreled curling iron and keep it on for about 5 seconds. Now you can take the hair from the curling iron and use smaller iron to add texture by simply changing smaller curls with larger ones which was created already. You can create smaller curls in front of the face and try using crimping iron in some parts of the hair to create an interesting look. After creating the curls try to comb them using your fingers and avoid brushing them with a comb as they can make the hair straight. At last use a hairspray to mist the hair which will help to enhance the curls and also add shine to the curls.
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