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Emo Weave Hairstyle


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A emo hairstyle is considered to be a really fun way of styling the hair and it can be worn by anyone to get a new look. This hairstyle can also be styled with a weave to make it more unique which will have chunky layers, bangs as well as bangs. There is no need to wear the hair weave to style it in this way as you can just put them on a stand to start the styling process. After completing the process just wear it on your head.
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To create the emo weave hairstyle, first brush the weave completely to take out any strands. Then take the front section from your weave to make choppy bangs and try to snip it across at an angle for creating a side. Start cutting the back as well as sides of the weave to create layers and make sure to leave few pieces of hair long to creating a shaggy look. Try to cut the hair on top of the head shorter to create a spiky look and avoid cutting it too short as it can make it look very bad. Now straighten the hair using the flat iron and if you are using a synthetic weave make sure it fully straight to avoid using flat iron. You can color the hair with a permanent marker if you are using a synthetic weaves and use a hair color to add color on human hair weaves.
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