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Hairstyle With Roll Over Bangs


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Roll over bangs are the most worn hairstyle among many women including celebrities. It has become a trend among many people who want to get a beautiful looking hairstyle. This style can be worn by any one from young to old. It can help to cover the forehead and change the look of your face. Try to keep the bangs longer while cutting them which can be adjusted in end as per your desire.
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To get this look, first take a section of the hair in front of the head and secure rest of the hair. To create soft bangs, take les amount of hair out and to achieve thicker bangs, take more hair forward from the head. Now take a section of hair and keep the fingers horizontally over it. Take the scissors to keep it vertically on the section to make the cut. Avoid making horizontal cuts as they may give a wild look. Try to make vertical snips in the length of your hair by holding it with the index as well as middle fingers. You can also create a layered look just by cutting the hair at an angle below tear ducts and at the base of the neck. Make sure to hold the bangs in your hair until you complete the cutting process and then leave them fall on the forehead. Avoid washing the hair before starting the cutting process as they can spoil your look fully.
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