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Wet Look With A Straight Hair


straight hair wet straight hair wet2
Having a straight hair can be a perfect choice to style it as per your desire. One of the way to make this hair look good is by giving it a wet look. By this way you can make sure that your hairstyle looks always fresh. You can get this look by using few simple styling products without going to a saloon.
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Start the styling by using a shampoo to wash the hair and condition properly. Use a towel to remove the excess water from the hair and brush it through to get rid of the tangles. You can also use pomade all over the hair to control the flyaways. Now apply a medium amount of hairstyling gel in your hand to spread it all over the hair from end to root. Then slick your hair at the back of the head using a comb by pulling it through your hair. Continue the combing process till you get the desired look. Next use a little amount of medium hold hairspray which will help to keep the hairstyle in place and avoid using too much of hairspray as it can make the hair weigh down. Now mist the hair with a shining spray to give your hair a wet and shiny look. The most important thing is to avoid spraying the hair during the day as it can spoil the look and is you want just use hair gel to style the hair.
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