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Coloring Your Lace Wigs


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Coloring the hair can sometimes cause damage to your hair. To avoid this most of the people wear wigs made of either human hair or a synthetic material. You can color the wigs to make them look completely unique which is also very easy to do at home. Here are few simple steps for coloring the lace wigs.
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If you are using a synthetic lace wig, use a fabric hair color which is the best solution to color such wigs. Try to use light shades than your natural hair color. Hold the wigs in place using T-pins with a head block. You can also try powder hair color that can be dissolved in water by following the instructions on the package. Make sure to wear hand gloves before applying the color all over the hair using a comb. Try to divide the hair into various sections before applying the hair color and ma sure that you have covered all the hair strands. Leave the color on the hair for about 15-20 minutes and keep it much longer to achieve dark looking hair. Then wash the hair as usual using a normal shampoo and use a conditioner. Leave the hair to dry on its own and do not use any type of hair drying tools as it can cause heavy damage to the hair. Try to clean head base using a chlorine-based cleanser which can help to remove the hair color very easily.
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