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Demi Wave Hairstyle


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Having a demi wave hairstyle can give a beautiful look and it can be achieved with any type of hair starting from short to long. It is one of the most favorite hairstyle among many celebrities as they prefer to wear it only for special events. This style can be created by using the right hairstyling products and following a proper method.
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Begin the hairstyling with a cleanly washed hair and spread anti-frizz conditioner throughout. Then mist all over with curl boosting hairspray to create the curls if you have a curly hair and those who have a straight can use a volumising mousse. Tilt your head down to make the hair fall down to dry it using a diffuser and go back to the original position once the hair is left slightly damp. Try to blow dry the short hair using a round brush and wrap it in a curling tong. Create zigzag partings in the hair by twisting it till the end to create as many buns as possible. Try to dry each bun using a hair dryer for about 15 minutes and take out the bun after it becomes cool. Now divide the long into sections to mist it with a lightweight spray and dry it using a round metal brush. Roll the hair with the brush and loop the hair into you head using a curl clip. Leave the hair pinned for about half an hour and remove it gently to form the curls.
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