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Short Bob With Longer Bangs


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Creating a short bob which has longer bangs can add a new look to your regular hairstyle. You can cut the hair in different shapes and most of them prefer to keep it below their ears to shoulders. If you are good at cutting the hair then it can be done at home without going to a hairstylist or visit a saloon for better results.
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Start the hairstyling by using haircutting cape near your neck and secure it in place. Then spritz the hair with water and tilt your head forward to cut the hanging hair at the back of your neck across any length. Now take rest of your hair about one inch to cut it across by pulling it section-by-section. Try to use your first cut as the guide to make the remaining haircuts. Next part the hair as per your desire using a comb and brush the sides down from your part. Try to cut the hair which comes out below rest of your hair. Create a pie shape parting near the bangs and brush it over your face near the nose. Now take your bangs straight up and cut about one inch of hair to layer your bangs. Continue to trim the hair that is long by combing them till you achieve your desired look. You must only work with hair that is possible to handle with your fingers and avoid pulling too much hair at one time for cutting.
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