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Frosting A Gray Hair


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A gray hair can be disturbing for most of the people and coloring the hair can only be helpful in hiding them for few weeks. There is another way that can be used to make the gray hair to blend easily so they become less noticeable. This technique is known as frosting hat is usually done by hairstylist, but you can also try them at home.
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First brush the hair as usual to remove any tangles and keep a frosting cap on your head. Look for the pre-punched holes near the bag area on your head and try to push the hair through the holes. Use the same method all over the head in a row and then take a powder lightener to mix it along with a volume developer. Start using the mixture on the hair using a color brush to saturate the hair coming out of the frosting cap. Now take out the cap from your head to check the color on the hair and in case it is no good try to use the same method again. Check your hair at least once in 5 minutes until your get your desired look. Then wash the hair using a little amount of shampoo and remove the cap from your head. Condition the hair properly and style it as per your desire. Try to wash the hair using a violet colored shampoo at least once in a week to keep the hair shiny.
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