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Methods To Prevent A Oily Hair


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Having a oily hair can be helpful in keeping the hair healthy. In case the hair stops producing oil it can look dry and frizz. There are few people who will be prone to a oily hair and they can follow few simple styling steps to treat their hair without going to a hairstylist. It is important to follow a healthy diet which also helps to prevent oily hair.
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Start by washing the hair one day after another and washing the hair everyday can produce more oil in your hair. Always use a shampoo that are made for the oily scalps and avoid using moisturizing shampoos as they can make the hair look oily. Use the conditioner only over the ends of the hair and avoid using it on the scalp. The scalp doesn’t need conditioning treatment if it is already oily. You can also use the mixture of lemon juice and water on your scalp and spread it throughout the hair which will help to reduce the oil in your hair. Try to comb the hair very less to avoid touching the scalp very often. You can also try using a baby powder to pour it on the scalp which can help to absorb the oil in your hair. Avoid using hairstyling products such as mousse, hairspray and gel as they can cause a oily hair. If you want to use any styling product, use a little amount of lightweight gel.
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