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Scrunchies With Hair Extensions


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Using hair scrunchies with hair extensions can give a unique look and especially when you create a ponytail. It is important to use the scrunchies in a proper way to make your hairstyle look good and there are few chances of making them look bad if you don’t follow the technique properly. There are many people who like to style their hair in this way to create a unique look which also include celebrities. There is no need to go to hairstylist to achieve this look as it can be done at home without getting help from anyone.
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To create this look, begin the styling by brushing the hair at the back of the head to create a simple ponytail and use an elastic band to keep the hair in place. Then take a small part of your hair from ponytail to secure it on the top, bottom and sides of your ponytail to create a base for placing the hair scrunchie. Now take your remaining hair from the ponytail to wrap hair scrunchie around it. Try to work with small parts of the hair to curl it and secure it in place around the scrunchie. Make sure to blend the scrunchie with your ponytail and finally spritz all over the hair with a small amount of hold hairspray. This hairstyle can be a perfect choice for any type of special occasion and it can be worn with any type of dress.
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