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Hairstyle With Hair Sticks


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Hair sticks can be used for various styling methods and it is one the best tool to keep the hair in place for a long period. It is also available in different colors and sizes to match it with various hairstyles. If you are creating a French twist or a simple bun with a long hair, try to use hair sticks to keep them secured in place which can also give a very attractive look. Begin the styling process after washing the hair and try to include more hair at the initial point to get tighter hold.
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Try to use the hair sticks instead of hair clips, pins as well as combs. It is also a perfect choice while keeping the twisted hair in place. It is important to create the hair hairstyle very tight to make the hair stick to stay on for a long time. Keep the hair stick at the widest portion don’t use it on the decorative top section as. Add the hair stick to your hairstyle by keeping the tip and end at opposite angle. Try to push the stick after rolling the hair as a one inch section. Then move the hair stick similar to a lever from insertion point and pull a small part of your hair to push the stick inside the hairstyle. Hair sticks are known to be a very difficult hair accessory that can be properly used only after getting some practice.
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