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Methods To Straighten A Wet Hair


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Hair straightening can be done with different methods and one of the ways is straightening hair when it is wet. This type of hair can give a finished look for anyone who has it. Most the people will have large curls in their hair after taking a shower, but you can make it straight when it still wet without using any special method. The most important thing in straightening the wet hair is using a blow dryer first for drying the hair and then a flat iron to make the hair straight. A straight hair can be worn for any occasion and it can be used to different type of hairstyles.
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Start the styling by applying a small amount of straightening hair gel in your hand to work it through all over the hair beginning from root to end. Try to cover the entire area in the hair with the straightening gel. Make sure to limit the hair gel only to your hair and using it too much in the hair can make it look stiff. Then comb the hair using a paddle brush which will help to distribute the gel throughout the hair. Now use a hair dryer with high heat to make the hair dry and use a paddle brush for taking the hair out during this process. This will help to make the hair smooth and use a flat iron on this part of the hair to get into the look.
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