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Steps To Color Unbleached Hair


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A bleaching process is very important while coloring the dark hair with lighter shade. Those who have a lighter hair can do the coloring process without bleaching the hair. The coloring process is almost same as with the bleached hair, but the end result will vary. You must be able to mix the hair color along with the developer in a proper way to achieve the best look.
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First mist the hair with water and separate it into four different parts with hair clips. Now put a cloth around the shoulder to prevent the hair color from falling on your dress. Then spread a small amount of petroleum jelly on the forehead and wear hand glove before using the color. Take the hair color to mix it as per the instructions mentioned on the package. You must be mixing the hair color along with the developer. Start spreading the mixture on your hair using a coloring brush and make sure that your hair has become fully saturated by working from root to end. Leave the color on your hair for about 15-20 minutes or as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Try to wash the hair using a normal shampoo till the water runs out clean from the hair and condition it as usual. You can also try to use heat on your hair after completing the coloring process which can help to penetrate the color into the hair follicle reducing the processing time.
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