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Taking Care Of Blunt Bangs


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Taking care of blunt bangs is a very important process to keep your look intact. This problem can be solved by adding texture to the bangs to create wispy look. This hairstyle can look good on most of the people, but some will face problem in making them look good. You can also use a texturizing hair gel over the bangs to make them look chunky. Sweep the bangs to the side of your head to create a dramatic look. Here is a simple process to fix your blunt bangs without going to a hairstylist.
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Start the hairstyling by brushing the bangs to remove the tangles. Then brush the hair down to separate it for adding texture. Use a rat-tail comb to separate the bangs by keeping horizontally into the center and pull top layer up as well as back at the crown. Keep the bangs separate by using hair clips. Now take center of the bangs outward to cut it using small, sharp scissors. Make a vertical haircut at bottom layer of your bangs with the scarp scissors by sending it about 1/4 inch deep inside the hair. Continue to cut the hair across your bangs to complete your lower layer. Now take the upper layer of your hair to do the same cutting process with it. Finally comb the bangs using a hair brush to get rid of stray hairs and use the rest of the hair to style it as per your desire.
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