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Bob With Medium Curls


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Creating a bob hairstyle with medium curls can give a beautiful look for anyone. It is one of the popular hairstyle that has been created in different variations. This hairstyle can be worn for any special events and it can give a great look when matched with proper accessories. The bob will look short if your create curls in it, but make sure that your hair is at least medium in length to achieve this look.
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Begin the hairstyling process by washing the hair and dry it with a towel before using the conditioner. Brush the hair to remove the tangles and apply a little amount of hair product on the strands of the hair. Now divide the hair as four different parts and take one part at a time to work on. First take hair from the right crown to use curlers from centre of the head towards your ear. Use the same technique on the left crown as well. Next go to right nape to curl the hair from back of your head towards the neck and use the same method on the left side also. Leave the hair to dry on its own completely and use curlers on the hair. After the hair become cool take the curlers out of it and brush it using a wide tooth comb. Finish the styling process after misting it with a hairspray. Now you can style the hair as per your desire.
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