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Renaissance Bun


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A renaissance bun is a hairstyle where the braid will be wrapped on top of the head. It is a perfect hairstyle for those who want to create a bun with a unique look. This hairstyle can be created only if you have a long hair and those who have short hair can try to use hair extensions to achieve this look. Most of the women like to create bun with their hair as it can be created very easily without using any styling tools, but they can make this simple bun to look unique by using the following method without going to a hairstylist.
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To achieve this look, first make a high ponytail below the crown and take few hair out of your hair to create the braid. Next comb the hair with a bristle brush and secure the ponytail using an elastic band. Now separate the ponytail into two equal parts and back comb both the sections. Start wrapping the hair around your ponytail for making a bun and secure it in place using bobby pins. Then take the remaining hair to mist it with a hairspray and divide the hair into three different parts to create the braid. Try to create the braid as usual with the three sections and try to wrap it around your bun. Use bobby pins to keep the hair in place and you can also add hair accessories to make your hairstyle look beautiful.
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