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Straight Perm Technique


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Most of the people will try to get straight perm for creating a more sleek and smooth look in their hair. The straight perm is opposite to regular perms that can help to add body to your hair. It is a special method that was first started in Japan. This method can be used only by a hair specialist and avoid trying it at home.
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Start the styling by visiting Japanese salon to get this technique done on your hair. It can be done by using different Japanese straightening system to get positive results. Make the hairstylist understand condition of the hair. Avoid getting any kind of color treatment, relaxer or perm done on the hair for sometime if you plan to get a straight perm done. You must be ready to spend at least 7-8 hours with your hair specialist in the saloon to get this process done. It is a very intense process that involves shampoo, heat lamps, blowing hair and using flat iron all over the hair. All the tools must be used in a proper way until you get the desired result. You must also maintain the hair in a proper way to keep it is a good shape for a long time. Keep your hair away from water or other hair products for at least three days. Go to a hairstylist once in six months to retouch the hair to maintain the look in a proper way.
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