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Treating Damaged Hair At Home


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A damaged hair is normally treated by going to a hair specialist, but you can also do it at home using few simple products. There are few hair treatments that can be used at home and it can help to make the hair look new as well as fresh. Most of the people will go to a hairstylist to get regular trims in their hair which is also perfect for controlling a damaged hair.
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If you have a frizzy hair mix red wine with egg concoction and apply it over your hair before going into a shower. Leave the mixture on the hair for about 5 minutes and rinse it as usual. Another option will be using mayonnaise for treating the damaged hair. Use the mayonnaise on your hair and wrap it using a heated towel to leave it for about 15 minutes. Rinse the hair and condition it as usual before styling the hair. Do this at least 2 times in a week to achieve best results with the damaged hair. You can also try mixing avocado with mayonnaise and lather it on the hair before wrapping it with a towel. As usual leave the hair for 15 minutes and rinse it before undergoing a conditioning treatment. The final option would be using baby powder on your hair to control the oily looking hair. Leave the product on for about 5 minutes and brush the hair which will make the hair look normal.
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