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Hairstyle With Casual Waves


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Creating a hairstyle with casual waves is very easy and it can be done at home by using simple styling tools. It is a perfect hairstyle that can be worn by anyone with medium to long hair. Those who have short hair can also create this look even though till look much simple than other hair lengths. Always braid the hair before going to bed and remove it in the morning to keep the wavy look intact. This hairstyle can be worn while going for a walk in the beach.
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To create this look, wash the hair and condition it with a proper technique. Then add a small amount of mousse in your hands to apply it over the hair when it is slightly damp. Next brush the hair with your fingers and blow dry the hair using a blow dryer along with a diffuser. Try to scrunch the hair using your hands during the blow drying process. Now flip your head to make the hair fall down and apply a little amount of shining pomade over the tresses of your hair. Try to style the hair using your fingers and mist all over with a spray to get into the look. If you want to create more natural looking hair avoid using the hairspray. You can also make the hair curly by using the curling iron, but try to make just 4-5 curls in your hair to make it look good.
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