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Hairstyle With Gradient Color


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Using a gradient color to style the hair can give a completely new look with any type of hair. There are many celebrities who color their hair in this manner to get the most unique look. In this hairstyle, the end of your hair will look lighter and dark color will start from root to the lighter hair color. Try to use the hair color that is similar to natural color of your hair.
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Start the styling process by mixing the hair color as per the directions on the package and make sure to wear hand gloves. Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly on your hairline to prevent the color from falling on the skin. Now divide the hair into different sections with hair clips and use the hair color on each sections of the hair. After applying the color on every section of the hair leave it for about ten minutes before brushing the hair with a hair-dye brush. Now look at the hair color and if you are not satisfied with the color leave the hair for another ten minutes. Then rinse the hair as usual using lukewarm water and avoid using a shampoo while washing the hair. Make sure that the water from the hair runs out clean and then use a conditioner on the hair to leave it for about 3-4 minutes. Rinse the hair again using warm water and style the hair as per your desire.
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