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Shaggy Pixie Haircut


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A shaggy pixie haircut can give a fun looking hairstyle which can be worn with any type of hair. The pixie haircut has become one of the most popular hairstyle among many women all over the world and wearing it a little shaggy can give a unique look. It is better to get the shaggy pixie haircut by getting help from a hairstylist as you have to cut the hair in a proper way to make it look perfect. Here are few things that must be considered before going to a hairstylist to achieve this look.
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Before starting the styling, go through photos with pixie haircuts and select the best one for your face shape. It is important to select the pixie cut considering your face shape. If you have a lengthy face create a side part in your hair and those who have heart face shape then get a sleek or super short cut. You can create textured layers in the pixie haircut to make the thin hair look fuller. Thinning hair can spoil your pixie haircut, so try to make the hair thick before starting the styling process. The best achieve this look is suggesting your hairstylist the way you want to get the haircut. Get suggestions from the hairstylist before proceeding with the hairstyle. The shaggy pixie cut can help to highlight your hair without using any special method, but the hair must be cut in a proper way.
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