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Steps To Straighten Non-Relaxed Hair


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Keeping your non-relaxed hair straight can give a hard time for some of them. There is no need to use any special techniques to keep the hair straight as it can be done at home. This can also help to prevent hair damages caused by using styling techniques in a saloon. It is important to maintain the hair with a proper method to keep it straight without causing any damage to the hair.
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First you must wash the hair using a shampoo that is suitable for your hair to make it straight. You can select the hair product depending upon your hair type as well as the budget. Then use ceramic iron to make the curly looking hair flat which can also help to keep the hair straight during an entire day. The ceramic irons are perfect choice that can be used on daily basis to keep the hair straight if it is naturally curly. Use the ceramic irons with lowest heat to straighten the hair and avoid using too much heat on your hair as it can cause damage. You can also use blow dryer for straightening the curls in your hair. Keep the blow dryer pointing at the hair shafts during the drying process and try to start it from roots to end of your hair. Try to elevate nozzle of the blow dryer just over the head and keep it for few minutes till the hair become completely dry.
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