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Hairstyle With Velcro Curlers


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Velcro curlers are usually used to add more volume to the hair and it can also make the hair look bouncier. These curlers are the perfect choice to use on a dry hair to achieve beautiful curls. This hairstyle can be worn for any type of special events and there are also many celebrities who style their hair with Velcro curlers.
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To get this style, first divide a part from the hair on top and use a curling iron for curling it horizontally towards your scalp. Then take the curler to roll the section towards your scalp again after removing it from the curling iron and secure it using a salon clip. Use the same method to curl the remaining parts of the hair and use large rollers to create maximum volume in the hair. Take smaller Velcro curlers to curl the hair at the side away from your face and wrap it vertically moving at the back of your head. You can curl the remaining parts of the hair vertically or horizontally as per your desire. Then mist the curlers with little amount of hairspray and leave it to set for about 15 minutes. Now you can take out the hair from the curlers to spritz it with a spray and style it as per your choice. If you want to create more lift to your hair add volumizing product on the sections of your hair before starting the curling process.
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