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Hairstyle With White Stripes


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There are many colors that can be used on the hair to make it look unique, but using white stripes can make your look more amazing than other normal hair colors. It can give a funky look that can change the current look very easily. You can use blue or purple base to achieve white color and use it on the hair only after the bleaching process. Try to purchase the toners that are good for your hair type.
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Before starting the styling process wear hand gloves and put a towel on the shoulders. Then mix the bleaching as per the package. Now part the hair with top and bottom layers. Secure the top part of the hair using a clip and take one inch hair to keep it under the foil strip. Apply the bleach on this part of the hair and fold foil strip into half. Use the same method on the other parts of the hair by dividing it into one inch. Leave the hair with the bleach for about half an hour and rinse your hair till the water comes out clean. Use a shampoo to wash the hair and condition it as usual. Now mix the developer and toner to apply it over the hair. Leave the hair again for about ten minutes and rinse the hair once more before applying the conditioner. Rinse the hair again after three minutes and style it as per your desire.
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