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Using A Straightener Cream On Your Hair


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Using straightening cream on the hair will help to make the hair straight temporarily and it can also give a smooth look to your hair. The straightening cream can be easily distributed throughout the hair without using any special technique. Keep the hair damp during the styling process which will be easier to achieve the look. This cream is known to be heat activated which must be distributed gently through the hair.
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Start the styling process with a clean hair and scrunch the hair using a towel. Then bush the hair to get rid of tangles and use the straightening cream on your hair. Add a small amount of straightening cream in your hands and apply it throughout the hair. Try to brush the hair immediately after applying the cream to distribute it evenly all over the hair. Now divide the hair into 3 parts and keep your thumb on the ear to make a part in between the under layer as well as top layer of your hair. Now separate the remaining top layer into two sections and secure under layer with a pin. Blow dry the hair along with a round brush to maintain the straightness throughout the hair. Take the pin from bottom layer and brush it gently. Make sure to place the blow dryer over your round brush while blow drying the hair and try to brush it slowly. Continue the blow drying and brushing process till the hair becomes fully dry.
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