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French Braid With A Pigtail


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A French braid tail is a perfect hairstyle that can help to keep your hair away from the face. This hairstyle can be created when you have a very bad hair day. There are many celebrities who style their hair like to as it can give an amazing look without going to a hairstylist. It is also known to be a best hairstyle if you like to pull the hair at the back of the head.
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To achieve this look, first brush your hair to remove the knots formed in it and part it from middle of the head from front hairline to the back. Now pull left part of the hair for making a tight pigtail by securing it using a rubber band. Then pull three small part of your hair over the top of your hairline just on right side to take it over middle part of the hair to make right section as the new middle section. Now pull left part of your hair over the middle part to make left part as your new middle part. Try to take few hair from the right side to add it with the present right part of the hair and pull your complete part on the middle part of the hair. Use this method over other side and resume your braiding process till the end of your hair. At last keep the hair in place using a hair tie and mist it with a spray.
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