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Frosting Caps For Bleaching Hair


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Bleaching your hair can add texture as well as depth in it which can give a very unique look. There are different ways that can be followed to achieve this look and one of such technique is using a frosting caps. Most of the hairstylists use this method to create unique look and the same can be used at home with some good practice. Try to get help from a friend to achieve this look in a proper way.
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Start the hairstyling process, first purchase a bleaching kit from beauty supply store and make sure to read the directions before using it on the hair. Next mix the bleach along with the developer in a proper way. Then brush the hair fully and use the cap on the hair to snug it against your head. Try to pull out the hair from the cap and press it gently to break out inner lining of your cap. Start applying the mixture on the hair that was pulled out of the cap with the help of a tinting brush. Leave the hair as it is for the time mentioned on the bleaching kit and then take out the cap to wash the hair as usual using warm water. Now apply toner conditioner all over the hair and leave it on for allotted time before rinsing it using warm water. Leave the hair to dry on its own or you can dry it as usual.
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