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Preparing For A Sewing Bob


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A sewing bob is a simple way to add hair weaves along with your natural hair. This process can take about 2-4 hours for adding it on your head, but make sure to braid the hair before adding it. It can give a very unique look for anyone who wears it that can be maintained properly for keeping it for a long time. Try to create small cornrows to make the bob sit flat on your head to get a natural looking hairstyle.
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First braid your hair by dividing as three sections and hold them using your hands. Start crossing left section on your middle section and right on the left as well as under the middle. Continue this method by tightening all the sections till the end of the hair. Now go to center of the head to section off your hair with a comb and braid upper section of the hair in a circle pattern by parting new section. End the braiding process after completing the braid at upper half of the head and part left out hair as small sections from hairline to middle of the head. Braid the hair from your hairline till middle of your head till you finish the lower half. Next take all of your loose braided hair ends at the back of your head and create cornrows till the nape of the neck. Now you can try to sew in your bob weave easily.
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