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Egg Treatment For Hair


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Using egg to treat the hair can help to fortify hair shaft and strengthen the hair which was damaged by heat. Giving egg treatment to your hair can make it look shiny as well as silky. The egg treatment is one of the best and natural ways of treating the hair that can prevent damage to the hair. There is no need to follow any special method to apply egg on the hair. Here is a simple process that can be helpful in getting this treatment done at home without getting any help from anyone.
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First take an egg and put it in a bowl to mix it using a fork. Then mix one tbsp plain yogurt along with one tbsp honey in the bowl. Use the mixture after cleaning the hair as usual and make sure it is slightly damp to massage it. Start winding your hair on top of the head and keep a shower cap on it. Leave the hair with the cap for about half an hour and then rinse the hair using cold water. This will help to make the hair look shiny and style the hair as per your desire. Make sure to mix the items in the bowl perfectly so that it can be easily applied all over the hair. Avoid using warm water on the hair as it can make the egg to cook that will be left on the hair even after washing.
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