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Hairstyle With Conair Rollers


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Creating a hairstyle with Conair rollers can give a beautiful look that can be suitable for any type of event. You can create wavy or curly hair by using this roller on any type of hair starting from medium to long. It is always important to curl the hair with a proper styling tool to avoid damage to the hair.
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Begin the styling by washing the hair and try to condition it properly. Remove the tangles from the hair using a normal comb. Now take a Conair roller to heat up and apply a styling product all over the hair. Then brush the hair when it becomes fully dry and separate the hair as different parts. Keep one part of your hair in the hand to wind it around the Conair roller to press it against the scalp. Hold the Conair roller in place using a clip to prevent hair from getting unraveled. Use the same technique on other parts of your hair and move your way till the end of the hair. Leave the Conair roller on your hair for about ten minutes and if you want to make the curls much thicker leave it for another five minutes. Now remove the Conair rollers by simple unfastening roller clips and try to wind the hair in opposite direction in which the hair was initially rolled. At last mist the hair with a spray to keep the hairstyle in place by flipping the hair upside down.

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