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Hairstyle With Remington Clipper


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A Remington clipper can be used on the hair to create short looking hairstyles. It is a specially made clipper that is wide as well as curved. This clipper has 5 different haircut settings that can be adjusted just by switching the blades. Most of the people who want to cut their hair short use this method as it can be done without any practice. Just use the following method to create a short hairstyle with the help of a Remington short cut clipper.
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To create the short hairstyle, make sure that your hair becomes fully dry after washing it. Take the clipper in its Off position and slide adjustable comb on top of your clipper. Turn roll wheel as per your desire and start rolling it on top of your clipper to get a longer length. Try to roll the wheel at the bottom of clipper to achieve shorter length. Begin your haircut from back of the head and move the clipper upward as well as short strokes at the crown of the head. Continue this process till your hair at the back has been completely trimmed. Try to cut your hair on top of the head using the front to back motion till your entire top hair gets trimmed. Now take the detail trimmer for trimming your hair around the ears and nape. Try to slide trimmer out by just releasing detail trimmer button to prevent damage to the hair.
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