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Methods To Comb A Biracial Hair


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A biracial hair can be very difficult to brush it using a normal comb. It can also break your hair very easily without brushing the hair without any proper technique. Treating a biracial hair is very important to keep it healthy. Avoid using a comb with bristled brushes to brush the hair that is kinky and do not yank your hair while combing it as it can cause damage very easily.
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First moisturize the hair with a water based moisturizer and make sure it is evenly distributed all over. Combing the biracial hair will become easier if you try to divide it in parts and work it on each of them at one time. Part your hair in four different sections and try to use scrunchies to keep the hair parted. Use a wide toothed comb to brush the hair gently which will make it much easier than brushing the hair with a normal hair brush. Make sure to use the hair brush sparingly and avoid using a comb that has coarse bristles. Take a section of your hair to comb it from nearest to the scalp moving all the way up. Keep on combing the hair upward to make it kinky free and divide it using a barrette. It is always important to stay very patient while taking care of a biracial hair as it will be much kinky and the combing method will be much longer when compared to other hair types.
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