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Sparkly Hairstyle


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Sparkly hair can be achieved with different styling techniques. You can add sparkle in the hair by using a glitter shampoo and sparkle strands. Hair sparkles can look good on all hair types such as short, long, straight and others. Using hair tinsel can cause problem when you try to remove it which can damage to the hair. Try to wash the hair carefully to get rid of the glitter it completely.
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You can keep glitter gems over the section of your hair and use a flat iron on your hair. Try to move flat iron on each gem of the entire strand. Take the paper from the gems by peeling it off which keep the gems on the hair for a week. Try to tie the glitter tinsel on the hair by just folding it into half and take out few strands through loop of tinsel to pull ends of your tinsel through the loop for making a slip knot. Push the knot close to the scalp to tie more knots with the strands. You can also mist the hair with glitter hairspray by keeping the bottle about 12 inches from the hair. Sprinkle the regular glitter over the clean hair when it is dry and use the hairspray all over the hair. The hairspray can help to keep the glitter in its place. Keep the locks of your hair away from head to prevent the glitter to sprinkle over your scalp area.
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