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Glitz Hairstyle


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A glitz hairstyle can be a perfect choice for a pageant as it can give a really amazing look. This hairstyle can be worn with any type of hair and it is a best choice for a prom. This style can be created without going to a hairstylist.
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Begin the hairstyling process by washing the hair with a suitable shampoo and give a deep conditioning treatment to your hair. Make sure to start the styling with a freshly washed hair to make the hairstyle look good. Then blow dry the hair with medium heat and try to detangle the hair using a normal comb starting from end to root of the hair. Take about 3 inches of hair in your hand and keep the rest of your hair in a clip. Move the section upwards to comb it gently towards downward. Try to smoothen the hair near the front hairline and mist the hair with a small amount of spray before brushing it smooth. Secure the hair using a decorative hair pin to keep it away from the face. Create a part near the crown of your head from one ear to another ad brush each part of the hair over your parted line to create a ponytail. Try to work on one part before moving on to another to create cascading ringlets by twisting your hair around a curling iron. At last mist the hair with glitter spray to get into the look.
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