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Hairstyle With A French comb


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Using a French comb can be the best choice for creating French twist. It is a classic hairstyle where that hair will be pulled at the back of your neck for twisting and securing against back of your head. This hairstyle can be worn for any special event and it can look good when matched with a proper dress.
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To get this hairstyle, first keep a French comb with its concave side down and teeth pointing towards left. Take 24 inch piece of the beading wire to make it fit through hole in the bead. Then fold the beading wire into half to make it stick between lowest teeth to make the ends of your wire come out from right side of your comb. There must be one end in your wire below the French comb and other one above it. Try to twist your wire along with the needle nose pliers close to your French comb and wrap your wire on lowest part of your comb in case it is too long. Then thread the seed beads over the ends of both the wire and wrap over right side of your comb in between its teeth. Continue to add beads while wrapping wire to make it reach other side of your comb. Try to wrap ends of wire over your comb to make it twist together and secure tit in place just like before. Finally tuck ends of the wire against your comb.
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