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Maintaining Hair Without Tangles


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If you have a long hair it can get tangled very easily and most of the people use different styling options to keep the hair away from tangled. The hair may become damaged if you to try to brush it while tangled. Here are few steps that can be followed to keep the hair getting tangled.
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First part the hair using a comb and secure the remaining hair away from the styling process. Try to smoothen the hair using your fingers and add a little amount of silicone-based smoother all over the hair. Now use a shampoo to wash the hair suitable for your hair and spread a detangling conditioner all over to cover the strands of your hair from root to end. Try to brush the hair with a wide toothed comb to remove the tangles from your hair. Then rinse the hair using warm water and rinse the hair again with cold water. Next give your hair leave-in detangling treatment and comb the hair again using a wide toothed comb. Apply a small amount of silicone-based smoother on the damp hair to prevent any new tangles. Style the hair as an updo or a braid while going out of the house and cover it using a scarf to prevent hair from getting tangled. Try to brush the hair before going to bed in the night to cover it using a silk scarf which will help the hair from becoming tangled.
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