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Paris Hilton’s Short Haircut


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Paris Hilton has been seen with different hairstyles and the most worn hairstyle by her is a short hair. This hairstyle can be worn by anyone very easily and if you want to make the hair longer add extensions. There are many people who like to style their hair like Paris Hilton to achieve a beautiful look. Try to cut the hair with your natural part to make this hairstyle look good.
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First wash the hair and keep it slightly damp. Then brush the hair to make a part and comb the hair down. Keep the hair in between the middle finger and pointer to cut the hair. The hair must fall in between your chin and shoulders. Now go to left side at the back of your head and move to the right by combing your hair down. Razor cutting can be one of the best method to cut the hair like Paris Hilton. Go to the left side of the head again and move on to the right side by brushing the hair. Create a triangle part at the crown of your head till the temples. Brush this part of the hair to cut it using a razor at slight angle to make it move across your face. Try to use tip of your razor for adding additional movement around your face. At last use a little amount of texturizing paste all over the hair and smoothing serum for styling the hair as per your desire.
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