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Steps To Lighten A Dark Hair


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Having a dark hair can give a beautiful look, but it can be lightened to create a unique look. Most of the dark hair will have brassy undertones which can be lightened without bleaching the hair. Bleaching usually can cause damage to the hair and you can follow few natural ways to lighten the dark hair without getting help from a hair specialist. Try to get the hair color that is about two times lighter than the natural color of your hair. Before using the color on your hair get a strand test to avoid damage to the hair and sometimes it can also provide a different color.
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Start the styling process after getting a hair color which is specially made for dark hair. In case the hair color looks too brassy try to use some other hair color. Then mix the natural ingredients like henna as well as chamomile to use it for lightening dark hair. Create paste by mixing henna along with chamomile and add it in boiling water. Leave the mixture to become cool and brush the hair before wrapping it using a plastic wrap. Leave the hair inside the wrap for about half an hour to two hours. Then sit under the sun to lighten the hair naturally and mist the hair with lemon juice. In case all these procedures don’t give a proper solution try to go to a saloon to start the lightening process as usual.
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