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Crimp Hair Without Crimping Tool


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A crimp hair is usually achieved by using crimping irons and it can also be created without any special tools. Most of the people will try to create this look using styling tools that can cause damage to the hair. Here are few steps that can be used to achieve a crimp hairstyle without damaging the hair with a crimping iron. This look can consume more time when compared to styling the hair with a crimping tool.
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Begin the styling by washing the hair using a normal shampoo and condition it as usual. Leave the hair for about five minutes and rinse it as usual. Then wrap the hair using a towel and brush the hair to get rid of tangles. Apply a small amount of combing cream all over the hair starting from root to end. Divide the hair into five different parts and secure it using barrettes. Take the first part between fingers and keep the hair at the end of your hair. Twist your hair like a tight coil till the end of the roots and secure it using a hair tie. Use the same technique on other parts of the hair to create the coil. Make sure to maintain the coil in the same tightness to achieve a perfect look. Leave the hair to dry on its own and take out the hair ties and loosen hair coils using your fingers to style it as per your desire.
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