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Hairline Up Haircut


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It is very difficult to cut the hair just like a hairstylist as they have undergone lot of practice. If you are planning to make your hairline go up without going to a hairstylist try to practice it properly before doing it on your head. This look can be achieved by using clippers, razors as well as trimmers which are perfect for a good looking hairline up. Try to use a new and sharp razor to cut the hair in this manner to prevent hair bumps all over your head.
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First cut your entire hair using clippers to blend it with your hairstyle. There must not be any visible lines after the haircut and put a talc power to trace outline of your natural hairline. The powder will help to pattern the hair lining before starting the haircut and make sure it is fully straight all around your hair. Try to mist the hair with a hairspray to keep it in place before continuing with the styling process. Use straight razor to cut at the back of your head by following your natural pattern of hairline. Continue to cut the hair around as well as behind the ears and try to make a square lining shape. The hair lining must end near outer edge of your eyebrow and the sharp line will define your haircut. Now dab the hair lining with cotton balls which will help to prevent irritation on the skin.
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