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Bleaching Hair Without Foil


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Bleaching hair was usually done in a saloon, but now a day’s people try this at home. Most of them will use a aluminum foil to bleach their hair and you can also do this without using this foil. Those who have a dark toned hair must bleach their hair lighter carefully without changing the hair color orange. Here is a technique that can be useful bleaching hair without a foil.
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Begin the bleaching process by washing the hair using a standard shampoo and brush the hair to remove the tangles. Now wear hand gloves to add hydrogen peroxide inside a spray bottle and divide a section of the hair to apply the hydrogen peroxide all over the hair. In case you are planning to bleach the highlights spread the hydrogen peroxide over the hair with cotton balls. The hair must be slightly wet before applying the hair solution. Brush through the hair and wear a shower cap to cover your hair. Leave the hair solution for about 15-20 minutes and avoid leaving the bleach on for long time as they can cause damage to them. At last rinse the hair using cool water and apply diluted shampoo to remove the bleach completely from the hair. Then apply deep conditioner all over the hair and rinse the hair again after 5 minutes. If you find that the hair looks still darker after the styling process use the same method again all over the hair.
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