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Flip Hair With Straight Iron


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Flip hair can be created by using various styling tools and one of the easiest ways is to use a flat iron. This style will look good only with a straight hair and if you have a curly hair try to straighten it. There are different hairstyles that can be created with a flat iron but a flip hair can give a completely unique look. This hairstyle is very common among celebrities as they wear it during various occasions.
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Start your styling process after washing the hair and make sure it is completely dry. Try to straighten the hair using a standard straightening process. Make sure that your hair is completely straight before proceeding with the hairstyling. Then apply a small amount of mousse all over the hair to keep the hair in place. Spread the mousse in your hands and brush it throughout the hair using your fingertips. Now take the flat iron to work it over small parts of the hair. Try to divide a part of the hair to run the flat iron over the middle length of the section. Now flip the hair to move flat iron all the down your hair by rotating it till the end of the hair. Take the flat iron from the hair after reaching the ends which can provide a perfect flip. At last mist the hair all over the hair and especially at the ends of the hair where the flips are visible.
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