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Hairstyle Like Shirley Temple


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Shirley Temple hairstyle can be created with any type of hair, but it can be time consuming. It is a classic way of styling the hair that is mostly created by hairstylists. With little effort this style can be achieved at home using few simple hairstyling products. You can use flex rod curlers to achieve this look and make sure to use a larger rod.
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First spread a little amount of hair mousse all over the hair when it is still damp after washing. Then brush the hair from root to end with fine toothed comb and separate it as four different sections. Keep the sections separately and take one at a time for styling purpose. Now take a section of the hair and keep it in a 45 degree angle. Try to wrap ends around the flex-rod curler in tight spiral pattern and bend end of your rod to keep the hair in place close to the scalp. Continue this process on other parts of the hair and leave the hair to become fully dry. Remove the hair from the rod from the back of the head and move your way towards the face. Next brush the hair with your fingers and style the curls as per your desire. You can also combine the curls as one by simply twisting it around the finger. At last spray a small amount of hairspray all over the curls to keep them in place for a long time.
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