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Hairstyle With Bling String


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Bling string is normally used to make the hairstyle look more beautiful. It usually helps to add metallic strands in the hair with different colors which will be woven in the hair separately. The bling string can be left in the hair for at least a week and it is also heat resistant. You can try to use eyelash glue over the knot to keep the bling string to stay longer on the hair. Use a blow dryer with medium heat over the string which can help to keep them in place.
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Take the bling string in a length as per your desire and try to double it before cutting strand from your roll. Then fold the bling string at the center and pull two ends in the loop gently through using the index finger. Take at least 2-3 strands of your hair using pointed end of the rattail comb and start pulling strands of your hair through loop in bling string to knot it to your hair. Now create the double knot over the bling string for keeping the root of your hair in place. Continue to knot the strands of your bling string with the hair as per your desire and try to cut the ends of the string strands only if required. This hairstyle can be created to look subtle or even wild if you style it in a proper way, but you must have lot of patience to do it.
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